About us

Cherry  Farm Ltd. was established in 2011 and has been operating  as  a produce team since then.Our growers cultivate big areas of orchards to grow fruits including tart cherries, sweet cherries, apricots and elderberries.We show good care in plant  protection, which is controlled  and guided by a group of experts to help our produce team.

The fruits are carefully sorted out, ranked , frozen and packaged for shipping on our customer’s demands.Our modern technological equipment and technological processes sort apricots out by size and weight and also cherries by colour and size.

We trade mainly with tart cherries with an annual production and processing capacity of thousands of  tons which is a good indicator of our production scale.We are specialists in supplying tart cherries to fresh markets and in addition to this,significant amounts are sold for industrial processing to canning factories and fruit juice processing companies.Besides tart cherries as our main product hundreds of tons of apricots and sweet  cherries  are marketed for fresh consumption.Elderberries as natural colouring are marketed as pulp.
Our staff are involved in producing frozen products,as well.

Az oldal megtekintéséhez minimum 320 px széles felbontású eszközre van szükség!